Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bus Report #16

The bus was very stuffy today, and I was the only person who bothered opening the window. I noticed that the plexiglass partition i was sitting at was covered in vaseline or hairgel or something, so i made sure to lean as far away from it as possible.
I missed the 22 by about 30 seconds and had to wait at the empty stop in front of the Fillmore, the only other person nearby was (one of the many) crazy high on something red glistening eye guys that love to hang out at the bus stops along the 22 line. I stood as far away from him as I could.
When the next bus came, it was the (in)famous bus driver, the nice guy who the kids attacked a few months back. As usual, he did his route slowly, made everyone enter through the front, turned away the kids without fares.
A girl got on who was wearing the thickest glasses I've ever seen in the US, holding the hand of a toddler who wore coke bottle glasses even thicker than her mom's. no one stood up for them and gave them a seat. Daughter of an optometrist as I am, I wondered what was wrong with their vision.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I miss riding the bus with you, Rach! Just be glad nobody yelled at you for opening up the bus window. In some cultures (such as a certain Mediterranean one I've lived in) it is believed that cool, refreshing drafts that hit your neck while you are sitting on a warm, stuffy bus can be lethal (or at least give you a very stiff neck!).

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