Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bus Report #617

Days and days on Muni and not much to report.
Yesterday I was walking to work after getting my coffee (and spending some time chatting with James about baseball) when my favorite 22 Fillmore driver pulled up beside me and opened the door, just to say hi, just to smile and wave and wish me a good day. I smiled and waved back at him, told him it was great to see him.

The guys at the garage were leaning over a work bench, their coffee cups holding down some papers. Frank looked up and hollered over, "Hey, have a good day, see you tomorrow!"

A friendly morning, to say the least.

Sunday afternoon I took the 33 Stanyan down to the Mission to meet E. for coffee.
The upper Haight was full of tourists and neighborhood people, some clowns (in every sense of the word) on stilts out front Ben & Jerry's. I noticed more empty storefronts than the last time I rode through the Haight. Add the impending closure of the Red Vic to the list and it is not a pretty picture. But the Booksmith looked busy as did the Haight Street Market, so all is not lost.

After a fun couple hours drinking coffee, looking at murals on Balmy Alley and pricing Lucha Libre masks down on 24th Street, I headed back up to the bus stop.
Back in my neighborhood, the fog had already rolled itself out over the avenues and the wind had picked up. I buttoned my jacket and hurried down Geary to home.


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