Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bus Report #719

This morning I ran out to catch the 38, and saw a familiar face at the bus stop.
It was Mr. Polite. I hadn't seen him in forever, maybe as long as a year.
He smiled and said hi, said, "It's been a long time."
I said, "Yep, nice to see you, how've you been?"
He said, "The same old same." He said, "You know, Muni."
"Oh yeah," I said. "We'll be riding the bus forever, won't we?"
"I'll always be a renter here, always ride public transit," he said. "That's just how it goes in the city."
The bus came and Mr. Polite stepped back and gestured for me to get on the bus before him.
"Thanks," I said.
"Have a great day," he said.

He is always just so polite.


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