Friday, July 17, 2015

Bus Report #882

Late night at The Academy of Sciences for Nightlife (thanks for the tickets, GoGoCraft!).
Afterwards, after making a bow tie and seeing the penguins and the famous albino alligator, Claude, I waited in the dark at the bus stop with half a dozen other people.

SFMTA, please put in some lights at this bus stop. It's dark and didn't feel very safe, even with all the people milling around after the event.

The bus arrived and I got on, sitting next to a girl who looked asleep but wasn't. She clutched her phone in her hand and stared in to space, her mouth hanging open, slack.

A man in the front of the bus messily ate an ice cream bar. It was disgusting and fascinating to watch him eat. If he could have eaten the Popsicle stick, I think he would have.

Another man with a crumpled map kept asking his seatmate for directions but the seatmate shrugged and looked away. He eventually got out a few minutes later.

At 6th Ave. the bus mostly emptied out.

I asked the driver if I could hitch a ride for a few more blocks even though 6th was the last official stop.
"I think you can," he said, and then tried to give the man who needed directions proper instructions on where he could catch another bus. It turned out he was going in the complete opposite direction of where he wanted to be.

An elderly Russian man sat down and pointed to the puddle of chocolate ice cream left on the seat by the ice cream eater. "You have napkin?" he asked me.
I handed him some tissues.
"It's no good," he went on, swabbing the seat with the tissues. "Someone sit here, he get chocolate on him."

Someone touched the driver on his arm and as soon as the person got out the bus, the driver started telling me how much he hated being touched, how old ladies were the worst but the men were just as bad sometimes.

As he pulled in to my stop he said, "Have a good night, dear," and I thanked him for the ride and crossed the street, headed for home.


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