Friday, December 01, 2017

Bus Report #996

Waiting for the bus last night, former 33 driver Ken drove by in his hot, hot car (I'm not a car person at all, but whatever car this is, whoa, hotttt). It might be a Cadillac but I'm not sure. It is a deep orange-red, and he takes really good care of it.
He leaned out the window yelling, "Hey, Rachel! Rachel!"
I pulled off my headphones and called back, "Hey, what's going on, man? You have a good holiday?"
"Yeah," he called back. "See you later."
They don't come much sweeter, folks.

Lately, in the mornings, there's a mom and her two little boys who get on at the stop just after mine.
Her older son is in elementary school, all uniforms and lanyard ID and wire rimmed glasses. Cute kid. He carries a Transformers backpack and always has a book with him.
The little boy is still young enough for a stroller, a big kid but no older than four.
The mom lifts the stroller onto the bus even though the driver offers to lower the lift for her.
The little guy is beautiful. Big brown eyes, wavy dark hair, a truly gorgeous baby (toddler? kid?). I didn't notice it at first, but I think he may be some kind of developmentally delayed. He doesn't talk and when he looks around, I get the impression he is looking past everyone. Lovely kid, nonetheless, and his mom and brother are just as lovely. They smooth his lap blanket and stroke his chubby little cheeks, and give him his sippy cup when he reaches for it.
It is nice to see their gentle, familial love so early in the morning.

Today, a man walked an Australian Shepherd puppy up Ashbury. My favorite dog breed. I smiled and watched the puppy prance down the street and bite at her leash.


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