Monday, November 15, 2004

Bus Report #31

I rode some new (to me) routes this weekend.
The 28 bus goes from SF State to Fort Mason. I was trying to get down to Cost Plus with as little hassle as possible, and the map imprinted on my brain told me that the 28 was the way to go. The bus passes through the Presidio. The Eucalyptus smelled wonderful and fresh. Then we were at a roundabout near the Golden Gate Bridge, which was beautiful on a not-foggy Saturday morning. We sped past Crissy Field, abandoned military housing and active military housing, the Palace of Fine Arts and then straight down Lombard, through a part of town I never visit. I started to feel a little lost so I got off the bus at Bay, and strolled through Fort Mason. Lovely.
On my triumphant return trip, I took the 15 Third Street bus downtown. Not scenic, but now I know where that bus goes before it hits Market. Got to see North Beach without having to be on foot or looking for a parking space.


Blogger april said...

ah, i just love getting lost in my own city - san francisco was great for that. and fresh eucalyptus...swoon!

4:54 PM  

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