Thursday, October 28, 2004

Red Sox Victory!

So, as everyone knows by now, the Sox beat the Cardinals to win this year's World Series. It is the most exciting sports victory of my life.
I watched history unfold in the Mad Dog In The Fog, a bar in the Lower Haight.
The Teacher's Pet was nice enough to pick me up from work. We got there right in time, before the place became very crowded. She had made Sox-erdoodles, snickerdoodles with the Boston 'B' on them for the fans. They went over very well. The beer was good, the crowd was Boston-sypathetic, the game was...
Well, the game was nervewracking.
But well played.
After the win, everyone cheered and hugged, high fived, screamed. I can only imagine what it was like back in Boston!
I talked to everyone and their mother (including my own awake way past her bedtime mother) and got ribbed about the Red Sox tattoo I promised to get when they won the World Series (A vow I made about 3 years ago).
So, to whom it may concern: The tattoo vow/bet is still on. But since it will be a PERMANENT ADDITION TO MY BODY, I will wait until I know where I want to have it, who I want to do it, and when.
And that's a promise!
More bus reports coming up, I've just been BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL for the past couple of weeks....


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