Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bus Report #423

For the past two mornings I have felt a bit like I am back in time. It's been a long time, maybe a year since I last saw the dreadlocked dental technician, but I have seen him two mornings in a row. We greeted each other warmly and I told him I was glad to see him. I was worried about him, because he had a heart attack a while back.

Also, the man who used to camp out in the bus stop is back. Today he had pulled his two shopping carts so that they created a nook for him between the carts and the trash can. He was crouched in his nook trying to stay warm, or hidden, but probably both.

The Sunset Scavenger truck came by and the driver waved at me, as usual. When he went to empty the trash he looked at the man and said, "Morning, sir, how are you doing today?" which I thought was very nice of him to do. He's a good man, that Sunset Scavenger driver.

On the bus I sat next to the catfish face man, who wouldn't move over and give me more space.

The creepy guy who harasses only the African and African-American ladies switched seats a few times depending on who was getting on the bus. Shudder.

Naked mannequins at Out of the Closet made me feel chilly.


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