Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bus Report #420

Yesterday's commutes were smooth as silk.
In the afternoon I had to get from work to Fort Mason. kept telling me to take the 22 to the 9 to the 30 or something crazy like that. The other options involved taking the 22 to the 49 or the 47, taking the 22 to Lombard and switching to the 28. They just seemed... Too complicated.

I knew I had three options that were not crazy:

Take the 19 Polk to the end of the line and walk
Take the 22 Fillmore to the end of the line and walk
Take the 10 Townsend to the end of the line and walk

I decided to take the first one that came, and I ended up on the 10.
I took it to the last stop (total time in transit: 45 minutes) and then walked from Van Ness. It was easy, it was beautiful (though cold, so, so cold) and I had plenty of time to eat my dinner before class.
After class, I waited for the 28 with a bunch of out-of-towners who had just eaten at Greens. They read their copy of the menu out loud to pass the time. They were in a good mood despite the cold and the late hour. They had also been to see Wicked yesterday. I was happy they were enjoying their stay.
An elderly man came and sat down in the stop. I think he was coming from a class, too. He was friendly and we chatted a little bit, until our bus arrived, right on schedule.
"After you, sir," I said.
"Thank you," he said.
As usual with the 28 at night, we sped down Lombard and the freeway, practically flying into the Golden Gate Bridge bus stop. There was no one there. I can't think of a creepier place to wait for a bus at night. I am glad I never have to do it!
A truck was idling in the bus stop so our driver laid on the horn. The truck didn't move. He honked again. Grudgingly, the truck reversed into the darkness and we sped past it.
I got out at Geary.
Right on the corner, a man was peeing towards the park, but still completely in public view.
I had to laugh.
"I guess this is how it's going to be," I thought, and quickly hustled down the street towards home.


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