Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bus Report #622

This morning I overslept at least an hour. My alarm clock had died - I woke up to my neighbors coming down the stairs, the light streaming through the slats of my blinds.
I don't think I've ever gotten out of my apartment as quickly as I did today.
I ran out to catch the 38. The bus approached the stop but made no effort to stop.
"Hey!" I called out, almost running out in front of the bus. The driver, someone I'd never seen before, stopped but he didn't seem happy about it.
I made sure to thank him as sweetly as I could, and went to sit down.
I soon realized our driver just didn't feel like stopping the bus for anyone. He bypassed half a dozen stops. We got down to Fillmore in ten minutes.
The Clean Team truck was parked in the bus stop. A woman stepped down from the truck and began sweeping the bus stop with a small broom. I thought it would take her forever to clean the whole stop.
It was so bright out. I put my sunglasses on and squinted up the street to look for the bus.
The 22 arrived and I got on. It felt strange, almost like it was my first day of school. The bus was full of new faces. The price of sleeping in, I thought.
I was the stranger on their route, not the other way around.


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