Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Bus Report #679

Monday, from my window seat on the 22 Fillmore, I noticed the same flier taped to light poles all up and down 16th Street, from the Mission to Potrero Hill.

I got out of the bus at my usual stop and walked up to the first flier I saw, on a streetlight by the bus stop.

It was a MISSING poster for a woman named Amanda Guevara. [UPDATE - Amanda has been found!]

I've been thinking about her all week and hoping that she turns up, or calls home, lets someone know she is all right.

And then I wonder about other missing people.

Jerry Tang disappeared years ago. A faded flier still hangs in the window of the old Busvans building on Clement Street, pleading for his return.

A young man, I can't recall his name, a blond boy smiling in the photo on his MISSING poster, in the window of a cafe on California Street.
Last seen on his way to the bridge.

I look for them in crowds, on the bus, and hope for them, because that's all I can do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda Guevara has been found. She is fine in the hospital recovering.
Mission Police Station and St. Luke hospital personnel help to id and find her.
Thanks everybody for their support and prayers.
Amanda’s Family.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

THANK YOU for the update - I was worried. So glad she has been found!
Wishing all the best for Amanda and her family.

3:53 PM  

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