Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bus Report #670

Last Wednesday, 6:45 am, the 22 Fillmore headed toward Potrero Hill.
Mr. Fantastic got on at Hayes. He is a young guy, probably in his late twenties to mid-thirties, average height/weight, thick black glasses and close cropped curly black hair. Put him in a puffy jacket and pair of Nikes and he'd be unmemorable - but this is not his style.

On Wednesday he got on the bus and took his Clipper card out of his neon yellow wristlet, and tapped it against the Clipper reader.
He sat down across from where I sat next to Coffee Cup girl.
Mr. Fantastic looked amazing: he wore a light pink button down shirt, a beige bow tie, dark-wash Levi's rolled just so above his argyle socks and his freshly polished black shoes.
He completed the outfit by wearing thin pleather suspenders, the kind old bankers or card dealers wear - the ones that go around the back. Only these suspenders were neon yellow, to match his wristlet.
Coffee cup girl and I exchanged a look that said, this dude looks sharp, neither of us saying a word.
He got out at Church Street, and we watched him walk down to the Muni Metro station.


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