Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bus Report #706

On the 38, headed home.
The woman sitting across from me had huge pink and purple sunglasses, and a pretty blouse with vaguely Asian-inspired dragons on it.
Her purse was a huge, shiny black bag with an enormous black tulle flower covering the whole front side.
Her face seemed almost too big for her body - long, and square, the collar of her shirt accentuating the hard lines of her jaw. 
She fiddled with her phone.
I zoned out, focused instead on the bright yellow sneakers the kid standing in front of me was wearing.
And then, the woman smiled.
And I can't really explain it, but when she smiled she looked so beautiful. It wasn't a big, wide smile, more like a broad smirk. And it softened her face. And I thought, you should smile all the time.


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