Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bus Report #720

This morning I must have been a few minutes early leaving my house, because I ended up on an earlier 38, and then managed to catch an earlier 22 Fillmore, too, by running fast fast to catch it.

The 80s woman was on the bus, and a couple of the young teachers, and a creepy couple who sat in the back of the bus and talked loudly, to everyone and no one, threatening to kill us all.

A few blocks later when the bus stopped to let passengers on at Haight, I noticed a spastic, whirling, out of control of his body, skinny kid standing in the bus stop.
He looked cold in his ratty v-neck T-shirt, and his arms and chest were covered in bruises.
He whirled his way onto the bus, ping-ponged between a few seats before flinging himself into a seat near the creepy couple.
Twice more during our mutual commute he spun down the aisle and slid from seat to seat, before following the creepy couple out the door at Church and Market.
He ran in to the street three times as our bus tried to cross Market, and I worried he'd get hit by a car.


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