Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bus Report #804

Another morning on the 22 Fillmore.

Mister Fantastic, looking fantastic as always - Clark Kents, black jeans, hightops with the tops folded down, revealing a patterned contrast to the otherwise subdued black shoes, industrial-looking gold-tone ring, tote bag with gold-tone writing (I couldn't read it from where I sat) and his ever-present neon yellow wristlet.

The 80's lady, in her tights and short black skirt, her Reeboks and her parka.

A dad and his two little kids got on at Valencia. Dad chatted on the phone while the older boy, maybe around 2 years old, flirted and waved at the small dog (a Yorkie, perhaps?) that a man across the way was cuddling in his arms.


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