Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bus Report #794

The other day, on the 22.
The mom with the wiggly worm baby got on the bus, and the driver called out cheerfully, "Happy Birthday, little guy!"
The baby turned a year old, apparently, and the mom thanked the driver and sat down.
Immediately a couple of the older ladies on the bus started flirting with the baby, who blinked and smiled and shot his hands out of his snowsuit to wave at them.

Mister Fantastic got on at his usual stop, his outfit a subdued but chic palette of dark greys - grey slacks, charcoal sweater, lighter grey shirt under the sweater, and sneakers with gold accent. Headphones on. Neon yellow wristlet clutched in his big hands.

The ancient Jehovah's woman tried getting people to take her pamphlets, but no one did.


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