Friday, April 18, 2014

Bus Report #805

You may have noticed that the front-facing seats in the front of the bus, the ones that fold up, have been permanently disabled on many of the buses. According to Muni this is to keep people from flying out of those seats when the bus stops short. Muni claims this will be fixed by adding a barrier (based on what I've read).  This takes 4 seats out of service and, despite notices written in 3 or 4 languages, has been baffling people for the past week.

I have seen people shake the seats, kick them, scrabble for the lever, bang on the seat, everything except read the sign.

I have seen other people repeatedly point to the sign and say, "there's a note about it right here."
I have seen other people tap the kickers and scrabblers on the shoulder and say, "it's out of service."

Last night, a man tried every method possible to lower the seat, despite the mostly empty 2 Clement we were on.
Three women in the front of the bus referred him to the sign and also told him the seat was out of service, to which he replied with a stream of curses and threats, before he abandoned his mission and sat back for the duration of the ride.


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