Monday, July 07, 2014

Bus Report #819

Just returned from a trip back east and I ran in to three regular 22 and 38 riders, all on the same day.

In my neighborhood market I saw the woman who always wears knit hats and heavy coats, even in warm weather. She works a block or so away from me and we often catch the 22 together. She lives in Marin and I was surprised to see her three blocks from my house.
I tapped her on the arm, gently, and we exchanged warm greetings while bagging fresh produce. "Have a good day!" she said, filling her basket and getting into the check out line.

Later, on my way downtown to meet up with some family friends, I saw Sunny, who I used to ride the 22 and the 2 Clement with before she switched jobs. She saw me and said, "Hey, honey, how you doing?" We chatted a bit and then we reached her stop. It was nice to see her after such a long time - I think it's been almost a year.

Toward the end of the day I headed out into the avenues to go to the bank, and an early morning 38 Geary rider waved as she walked toward me. She was on her phone and had her hands full of grocery sacks, but she grinned and nodded and mouthed, "Hi!" and continued on her way.


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