Monday, June 02, 2014

Bus Report #814

Because Mondays don't already suck, Muni is doing a sick out today.
KQED and the Chron report between 30% and 50% service reductions, on top of the usual Monday call outs.

Next bus was predicting buses every 15/20 minutes but even that didn't seem right once I got outside and saw how many people were waiting so early in the morning. The traffic guy on the radio called this morning's commute "a complete mess."

I left the house 10 minutes early and walked out to Geary. I waited with twice as many people as usual and when the 38L arrived it was already packed. I managed to grab a seat in the middle.

At 6th and Geary, a man standing outside hollered very, very loudly to his friends who were a block away that they should run for the 44 O'Shaughnessy that was about to leave from the 6th Ave. stop.

A blonde girl balanced two tote bags and a carton of soup, before finally deciding to put the soup down on the floor.I offered to hold it for her, figuring that I was cleaner than the floor of the 38L, but she just shook her head and balanced the container between her feet.

I just checked the SFMTA website and they claim that limited buses are stopping at all stops this morning, but that wasn't my experience (thankfully) and I got down to Fillmore only 10 minutes later than usual.

Still had to wait a while for the 22, with the man who always stands too close to me, who stood just about shoulder to shoulder with me in that big empty stop.

A 38 Geary with my favorite driver sped by. He honked and waved and smiled. I felt relieved he wasn't part of the sick out. 

The 22 pulled up and it seemed more or less fine for a few blocks - until we hit McAllister and people shoved on, and then a few blocks later on Hayes, on Oak, on Haight, people kept pushing in until we were almost full to capacity.
Despite how crowded the bus already was, a family with a huge stroller got on and blocked most of the front of the bus with the open stroller and all their bags.

My seat mate had a huge pink gym bag on her lap and she was pissed to have to share her seat. She kept letting the bag drift over onto my lap.

At 16th and Dolores a twitchy man with a large plastic tub stumbled on board and staggered to the back of the bus.

Another man got on, dragging a large lawnmower behind him.

Mission Street came in to view, at least two dozen people surged toward our bus. I caught sight of a pair of sneakered legs peeking out from the open door of the public toilet. I did not look any closer.

When we finally got to my stop, the men blocking the stepwell didn't want to move. I asked a man in a Hillel sweatshirt to either step down and let us out, or move over. He grudgingly swung his plastic bag of clothes and sticks away from me and moved a half a step out of the way.

Outside, I took a breath and crossed the street.
Good luck today, everyone.


Blogger John Marcher said...

Yeah, yesterday really sucked. I think raises should go to the people who showed up to work, and the rest can go f*ck themselves. MUNI employees just shot themselves in the foot once again, losing empathy all over the City. Kudos to those who showed up for work, esspecially the guy driving the 38 outbound at around 7:00 pm who wears a bowtie and a beret- a true class act.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hi, John. Yep, I agree completely. Ugh, wait until you hear how my evening commute went!
I definitely applaud the drivers who showed up yesterday and today.
Shout out to smiley guy on the 38 and the petite elderly driver who always waves when he drives by.

8:16 AM  

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