Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bus Report #839

Deep, deep blue sky this morning, almost black in some places, almost grey in others, electric above my block. And stars, though fading out for the day, still bright for a few minutes as I waited for the bus.

Thanks to The Professor I had new music to listen to - the latest from Al Joshua, formerly of the fantastic Orphans & Vandals. And in the quiet dark it was so, so good.

Nothing bothered me as much as usual - not the creepy girl with the vacant look in her eye, the woman doing arm exercises on the bus, the wild-eyed man flashing his ID card at everyone and leering at the people sitting nearby him.

At Mission and 16th the cops had a woman handcuffed on the corner, four cops and two cars with flashing lights, just standing there. A heavy-set man wearing huge headphones snapped a photo.

Walking the rest of the way to work after getting my coffee I turned up the volume and listened to the last two new songs I hadn't heard yet. I slowed my pace so I could finish listening before getting to the office.


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