Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Bus Report #835

This afternoon on the 19 Polk

My seatmate on the 19 was a petite man I see quite often. He works a few blocks from my office and lives a few blocks from my house. He must work for a showroom or perhaps the stockroom of one of our nearby warehouses.

Today he slid into the empty seat and began reading a book, a biography about everyone’s favorite actor, Johnny Depp (well, my seatmate’s favorite, at least.) It was essentially a book for fans, full of photos and casual language, chapter headings about Depp’s work with different directors and different scandals he had been involved in.  I of course tried to read a little about Depp’s work with Tim Burton, but I could only make out bits and pieces.

Oh, my little seatmate. He smelled terrible and I wondered if he knew.

He got out at Sutter and I got out a few minutes later, on my way to meet some friends for coffee and to get some work done.


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