Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bus Report #883

This morning when I got to the bus stop, the man who reeks of body spray stood by the edge of the sidewalk instead of sitting on his usual bench.

He shot me a quick glance and then rolled his eyes toward the bench - where one of our yelly/screamy neighborhood crazy ladies sat, organizing the contents of her overstuffed granny cart.

Ah, yes. That was why he wasn't hanging out in his normal spot.

We waited for the bus as the woman muttered and tidied her things, occasionally bursting into loud and angry bouts of yelling at no one (at least, no one we could see).

She only became louder and potentially more volatile as the minutes passed.

When the bus pulled in to view I thought about asking the driver not to pick her up, but I felt guilty about it at the same time.

Luckily, she decided not to get on the bus this morning and we enjoyed a quiet ride for a little while, until the Russian woman sitting in front of me pulled out her cellphone for her daily (loud) call/Skype to her son.

Further along our journey, two men got on at the same stop, both in red pants and plaid shirts, but they did not sit together and I saw no indication that they even knew each other. Curious.

Along 16th Street the police were rousting the sidewalk tent campers, and a clean-up truck from DPW waited for further directions.


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