Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Bus Report #901

This morning the rain came down in sheets.
I hurried to catch the bus. Somehow, in the rush, I managed to open my umbrella and then close it again, and I don't remember doing either of those things.

The woman from last night's 2 Clement got on. She waved and I said, "Long time no see."
"Yes, yes, long time no see," she said, and giggled.

The 33 was wet and perhaps running late because the driver was blowing through red lights like nobody's business.

Axe body spray guy reeked strongly of his preferred teenage-boy scent, but it was still not as bad as last night's perfume hawker and his terrible BLAZE cologne.

The giant genie got on at his usual stop. This morning he was wearing tall galoshes and lots of rain gear. He looked like Ahab. He looked like Ishmael. But mostly, he reminded me of New England sea captains in their bucket hats and their yellow slickers. All he needed was a corncob pipe and a wooden leg.
He sat down and combed his face and beard, and then applied his mustache balm, finishing off with his dandy brush.


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