Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bus Report #893

Early morning, I'm sleepwalking down the street to catch the 33.
Cue the woman who moves her little white car every morning.
Cue the rideshare picking up the woman in blue scrubs waiting across the street.
There's an old pug dog and his owner standing at the corner. The dog can barely walk so when the light changes, his owner picks him up and carries him to the next corner.

The light comes on in a window opposite where I'm standing. The room is big, probably meant to be a living room, bookshelves along the back wall, lamp in the corner, a TV.
A man gets up from the bed and reaches for something outside my field of vision.
He is naked, sleepy, just waking up.

Probably not expecting to see an equally sleepy but completely dressed woman watching him from across the street.

He ducks down, then stands up again, and disappears into another room.


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