Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bus Report #904

This morning's rain was more of a rainpocalypse than I expected.

I was drenched by the time the bus arrived but the bus was warm and while half the seats were wet, I got one that was dry. Or, I suppose, dry-ish. Water dripped in from the roof, making the floor of the bus slick and dangerous underfoot.

Our driver was not having any shenanigans - everyone had to pay or he'd yell at them, everyone had to board through the front door, and, just like yesterday, he told us multiple times not to eat on the bus. I wonder if this is a new push for Muni civility (sign me up!), some sort of 'make sure everyone behaves for the Super Bowl' threat from their bosses, or something else.

I can get behind all of that, but he was growly and confrontational and did not win any new friends.

One regular, who always gets off at the same stop on Clayton, must not have signaled for his stop because the driver drove right past it, despite the regular's protestations. He was let out less than a block later but he was angry, shook his fists at the driver in a cartoonish manner.

The giant genie got on at his usual spot. I stared at his galoshes - so huge! I've got big feet but even I could have fit both of my feet into one of his boots.

He ate a cheese danish but the driver didn't say anything. Maybe he knew the giant genie's got secret powers - you don't mess with a genie.

The giant genie finished his breakfast. He took his comb from his pocket and combed his beard and his mustache. Then he applied his mustache balm and combed again.

At Castro, a stooped, soaked man snuck in through the back door, slumped into a seat, and finished eating the box of Walgreen's brand chocolate chip cookies he held clasped in his hands. The driver said nothing.

I hopped out on 16th Street and caught the 22 Fillmore right behind my 33.

The man who always stands too close to me was on the bus and we nodded to each other.
A few blocks later the driver let me out on 17th, calling out to me to be careful on the stairs and to have a good day.

"Stay dry," I called back to her, and she laughed.
"Yeah, I will if you will," she replied.


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