Sunday, July 29, 2018

Bus Report #1000 🍻🍸

I had been holding off on posting my 1,000th post, hoping for something amazing to happen, or for me to get my act together and plan an event for us all to meet up and celebrate.
Hasn't happened yet, so I decided to go ahead and keep posting anyway (with a healthy dose of peer pressure from Doctor J. and from Michael!)

We can have a party another time! I will let you all know.

Meanwhile, thanks for the support, friendship and comments over the past decade plus. It means a lot!

Let's get back to business.

After the last Muni operator sign up, all my drivers took different routes.

Sergei (I don't think I'd ever named him before, but he was my early morning 33 driver after Andres, the friendly yet unsmiling gentleman) took an early morning 22 route, so I see him every now and again when I'm walking to work.

Leon ended up on the 22 again, as well. A few weeks ago I was walking to Safeway after getting off the 33, and a 22 Fillmore bus pulled up near me, the driver honking and honking until I looked up and took off my headphones. It was Leon!
He stopped the bus and opened the door, and I hopped on to say hello. He stood up and gave me a hug, a quick kiss on the cheek. We chatted for a moment, just long enough for him to take on a couple passengers, and then we said goodbye and went on our way. It was great to see him.

My new early morning driver is a friendly woman, serious about her job, but always smiling. Let's give her a good name. Let's call her... Annie.

Annie is almost always on time. The first week of her shift, though, she was late by different amounts of time each day. The Thursday of that first week she told me she hated getting stuck behind 1 California buses.

"It knocks at least 6 minutes off my time," she said. "Then I have to make it up later."
I commiserated. That's got to be tough.
This morning she was about five minutes behind schedule. When she did pull up, she smiled and then shook her head, rolled her eyes.
"My first bus was messed up and needed to go out of service," she said by way of apology.
No apology needed, Annie. I get it.
"At least you found out before you left the yard," I replied.
"Hold on," she said, and we flew down Arguello street, into the fog.
It was beautiful, thick grey fog this morning. Dark and cozy all through the Haight. When we climbed the hill the fog was bright white.
At the hairpin turn, the city was completely obscured.
My favorite weather.


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