Monday, July 26, 2004

Mango, not on a stick, and it's not even Carnaval!

Post-This American Brunch we went down to the Mission yesterday. From the car window, The Teacher's Pet and I spotted a man with a pushcart, and a sign on the side of the cart said MANGOS. Well, it did not take a genious to figure out what he was selling. After parking the car we (very quickly) went to his cart and bought a sack of mango covered in lime juice, chili powder and salt. He gave us a bunch of toothpicks to pick up our sticky sweet sour and spicy snack. It was delicious. I hope that guy will be there next time I'm in the Mission...


Blogger april said...

oooooooh rachel, if ever you were to TRY to make me homesick, you'd bring up mangoman. well, i don't know if you were trying, but you did in fact bring up mangoman and i am now, in fact, homesick.
mangoman used to park his cart - actually, come to think of it, sometimes it's mangolady, but mangoman sounds way more fun - at the intersection of mission and 21st right in front of that bank. bank of the west? i dunno, but that big white bank.
in the summers, i would stalk him, as well i should.
oh, i heart mangoman. (and the toothpicks, they really just somehow round out the whole experience.)

12:59 PM  

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