Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving (and a mini bus report from Beantown)

I spent a lovely Thanksgiving weekend in, here it goes: Brookline, Scarsdale and Somerset with cameo appearances in New Brunswick NJ, Brighton MA, Allston, MA and Trenton, NJ.
If you showered me with love, affection and hospitality I am grateful.
I took the 57 bus through Brighton after visiting the H. family. The bus was warm and never got too crowded. I kind of wanted a transfer but I never know which T lines offer them, so I just got off on Brighton Ave. and walked.
I saw the Hs., the Ys., Miss M. and A. I was given birthday cake twice in public and once at the Ns.
I saw the bird, who is doing quite well.
Coolidge Corner continues to lose it's neighborhood flavor.
Kenmore Square looks more foreign every time I pass through.
I scored big in the book department this birthday. K. gave me the new Michael Chabon, M. gave me a Paul Auster book, and C. gave me a first edition signed copy of In The Time Of The Butterflies.


Blogger april said...

and i suck! i forgot your birthday! ...but i'll make it up to you, o yes, i will...........

9:38 AM  

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