Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bus Report #425

Back from vacation, back on the bus.
It's been quiet in the mornings without the students. Strange, because I didn't think school was out yet. Anyway, it's been quiet and the commute has been fast.

The only hiccups have been due to the fire/explosion in the Tenderloin, but I have had the good luck to stay away from there since I got back. My afternoon 38 Geary has not been affected (going outbound).
Friday afternoon I asked my 10 Townsend driver if it would be a problem for me if I switched to a bus that ran past there. She is an average-looking middle-aged woman with a nice smile. Her voice came as a complete shock to me. She rasped, "No, it don't look like a problem," and she sounded like she was missing her voice box. Weird.

There have been lots of regulars on my route to usher me back into my real life.
In three days I've seen:
Catfish face man
The woman who switches seats at least three times
The Roche Bobois guy
The hippieish teacher
The guys from the supported living place on Fillmore and Hayes

Yesterday afternoon our (crowded, but not with kids) 22 Fillmore pulled in to the stop at Mission and 16th. There were two passengers in wheelchairs waiting to get on, but the driver let a crazy woman and all her stuff (two hand carts, three huge plastic bags and her hideously dreaded and blonded hair, which needed a seat of its own) get in, first.
I wondered why he wasn't asking people to move on back. The guys in the wheelchairs waited, patiently, but our driver shut the doors and cruised right past them.
Next Bus showed another bus coming by in 2 minutes, but it still seemed wrong to me.

Don't forget, Riders With Drinks is this Friday at 7:30 PM at the Make Out room... Be there or be square. Here are the details.


Blogger tangobaby said...

Welcome home and be sure to tell us all about Riders with Drinks!

ps. I agree, that was very wrong to leave two people in wheelchairs sitting out on the sidewalk. Boo.

10:02 PM  

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