Friday, September 17, 2010

Bus Report #544

Slow week on Muni, though my buses have, for the most part, been on time and speedy.

The girl with the same coffee cup as me is back, I guess her school year just started.
Our morning driver greeted me with a "good morning, sweetie," how nice.
As I ran for the bus this afternoon, who did I see at the bus stop but Ramon, who I haven't seen in months! We hugged and got on the 22, then went to sit down in the back.
"I never leave this early," I said.
"Me either!" he said.
It was great to see him and catch up. He is doing well.
I got out at 16th and Church and walked a few blocks to get a haircut. Afterwards, I waited for a 24 Divisadero at Castro and Market. The NextBus wasn't giving a prediction, and there were a few people waiting, staring at the sign. I called and eventually talked to a real person, who told me the bus would be along in a few minutes. I hung up and told the rest of the waiting folks.
Our bus came a few minutes earlier than I had been quoted, but I wasn't going to complain. We got on, and I soon discovered our driver was quite a character.
He was chatty, had a couple conversations going with people in the front of the bus.
At Divisadero and Haight, a man who had been standing in the stepwell stepped down to let people out, then got back on.
"Sir, you need to come up here and pay your fare," said the driver.
"I've been on this bus since Castro," the man shouted.
"All right, sir, all right," said the driver. "You know, you all need to move back and NOT block the doors. That's right, DO NOT block the doors."
No one moved. The driver repeated himself, still nothing.
I got out at Geary. The fog was thick, rolling down Geary in wisps and blankets. A dozen of us waited for whatever bus came first, the 38 or the 38L. NextBus was predicting at least ten minutes for each. Meanwhile, the NextBus console teased us with its reminder that service would increase on September 4.
Personally, I have not noticed any service increases. If anything, service seems slower.
Anyone notice increased service? I ride a lot of lines, at all times of the day, and nada.


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