Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bus Report #535

Overheard on the 22 tonight:

"Hey, is this Creed, or Wham?" - man to teenagers listening to some unidentifiable R&B on a tinny cell phone.

After I got off the 22, a packed, slow moving vehicle (three wheelchair stops, several old folks with walkers and granny carts, people with bikes having trouble loading them onto the front of the bus, and the rest of the usual rush hour torture) I crossed the street and waited by myself in the bus stop on Sutter.
The 2 was supposedly on its way. Cool.
A man came up and sat down in the bus stop. He drank some soda then unwrapped a burrito and dug in.
Then, he started taking bits of chewed burrito out of his mouth and throwing them on the ground, for the pigeons.
Well, the birds swarmed him, waiting for more food, and he obliged.
He threw more chewed food, and bits of foil on the ground.
I don't like pigeons any more than I like rats, so I did my best shooing them away, but it didn't work.
I was annoyed and disgusted. Especially since, I mean, I'd been there first and this guy was acting like the bus shelter was his own private lunchroom for him and his feathered friends. As if no one else mattered. Nice.
Soon there was a sizable flock in the bus shelter. I moved so that I was standing mostly out of the shelter, but still able to see the NextBus console.
The man finished his burrito and threw the rest of it onto the ground for the pigeons. He threw down his napkins, too (and I know he could see the trash can next to the stop!).
Then, he lit a cigarette.
The bus pulled up and the driver opened the door, startling the pigeons who started flying, most of them flying above my head as they tried to escape the shelter.
"Ew, ew, ew," I said, doing a pretty good The Birds impression.
I hurried on to the bus.
As I walked back to get a seat, I brushed at my hair and back, hoping I didn't have any pigeon feathers or anything else on me.
(I managed to escape pigeon dander free, yay!)


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