Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bus Report #540

Thursday afternoon I walked down the hill to catch the 22 Fillmore.
As I was getting on the bus, I noticed someone running to catch it. It was Julie.
We sat in the back of the bus and caught up on things.
Let's just say Julie's got a lot of cool stuff coming up, so stay tuned.

As the bus turned onto Hermann, I saw two fare inspectors ticketing a man who looked like he was about to cry. The inspectors were my friends from a few weeks ago. I smiled at them, but they didn't see me.

A man got on at Haight and walked towards the back of the bus. His friend was sitting across the aisle from me.
"Hey Frank," said the man sitting across from me.
"Hey Jack, man, how's it going?" said the newcomer, sitting down next to me. He smelled like cigarettes and sunscreen.
The two guys worked together, and at first I couldn't tell if they were talking about a halfway house, a rock club, or a bar. Jack said something about how hot it got in the kitchen, so I assumed they worked together in a restaurant.
Frank was taking classes at City College. He didn't like his journalism class because so far they'd just watched movies and hadn't done anything yet. He liked his Spanish class a little more, but wished they met more than once a week.

I got out at Fillmore and Geary and soon caught a 38L towards home.


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