Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bus Report #577

On a crowded 22 Fillmore tonight, listening to music and zoning out. The bus stopped at Church and Market and several new passengers pushed towards the back of the bus. One of those passengers was Carmen, who I haven't seen since before Christmas.
"Here's your seat," I said, getting up for her.
"No, no, you sit, I'm not old," she said.
"I know you're not old, but I've been sitting all day," I told her. "Please."
She sat down and we talked, catching up on everything we've missed the past couple of months.
It was fun to see her. We talked about the friendly 22 driver who recently switched shifts, and tried to remember the name of another driver, a woman who always has her hair done and always looks so put together.
We kept the conversation going when we got out the bus and switched to a 2 Clement. There was an empty seat and I insisted she take it.
I said goodbye at my stop and got out, headed for home.
My neighbor Dennis was going to the corner store and he stopped to talk.
"I couldn't help but notice you in C's office last night, do you know him?" he asked.
"Well, we're neighbors," I said. Dennis is harmless but not someone who needs to know all my business.
Dennis told me he sometimes stops in to talk politics with C. We agreed that C. was a nice guy and a good addition to the neighborhood. I finally said, "I don't want to keep you," and bid him a good night before going home.


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