Friday, January 14, 2011

Bus Report #571 - Boston Edition

Cold night but I wasn't bothered. I walked to the Harvard Square bus stop, the only remnant of our pinata party the thick dowel I carried, trying not to hit anyone with it.
The bus idled in the stop with the door open so we could get in and stay warm.
I sat by the back door, balanced the dowel on top of my foot so it wouldn't get sludgy from the snow everyone was tracking in.
"Excuse me," said the girl sitting behind me.
I turned around. "Yes?" I said.
"I was wondering what that dowel is for," she asked.
I smiled. "Actually, we just had a party with a pinata."
"Sounds fun," she said.
"It was," I replied.
The bus took off a few minutes later.
It was an easy, quick ride. We sped through Allston until we got to the corner of Harvard and Brighton Ave. There at the corner there were half a dozen police cars and twice as many cops. Someone stood on the corner with his hands cuffed behind his back.
Kids from the liquor store and the newly reopened Brighton Music Hall stood and watched the action. Most of them held up phones, taking pictures.
I never found out what happened.


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