Friday, January 07, 2011

Bus Report #569 - Boston Edition

Back in Boston for my school residency, a week of taking the 66 bus down to Harvard Square via Allston.
My first day, and the bus was packed so tightly that all I could do was flash my sister's monthly pass at the driver and ask to get in through the back door.
I stood in the steps by the back door until the bus emptied out at Harvard and Commonwealth Ave.
A blonde girl with no jacket slid in to the seat beside me. She looked at me, asked, "are you a knitter?"
This was two days after my knitting conversation on muni, and it felt strange.
"I am," I said.
"Oh, I thought so," she said, gesturing at my scarf. "I am, too. I want a brown scarf, but can't find anything I like... I guess I should just make one."
I nodded. She kept talking, about her family in Modesto, about the cold weather, about where she needed to get out. She pushed the signal tape and got out at Craftsman Street.


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