Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bus Report #605

Friday afternoon, waiting for the 2 Clement.
A woman I've often chatted with in the bus stop is waiting, too, carrying a beautiful bouquet of miniature roses.
"Those are very pretty," I tell her.
"Thank you," she says. Then, "You're the lady who works beyond me, aren't you?"
It takes me a moment to figure out what this means, then I remember we've talked before about how she works on Harrison and my office is a few stops past hers.
"Yes," I tell her. "That's right."
The bus comes and we get on. She snags a seat in the front and I move to the back of the bus, where I sit on the long bench that some older 2 Clement coaches have. When the bus stops short, I fly across the bench, but it's okay, because no one else is sitting there.


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