Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bus Report #602

Three buses, three stories.

22 Fillmore.
My driver tonight was the same strange, talking-to-himself driver I had on the 33 a few weeks ago. The driver laughed at random intervals. He occasionally talked into the PA system, but none of what he said made any sense.
The bus went from empty to crowded, back to empty, back to crowded several times during our commute. When I got our of the bus at Sutter, it was with relief.

3 Jackson.
The 2 Clement would have been my first choice but it was nowhere in sight. When the 3 Jackson pulled up I waited for an elderly lady to get out through the front door.
She walked slowly, gingerly to the steps. She held the railing with her right hand as she descended the stair case. She saw me and held out her left hand.
I was to take it and help her down the stairs, so I did, smiling at her.
She squeezed my hand and leaned on me as she finished going down the stairs.
She shuffled down the street and I got on the bus and moved to the seats in the back.

2 Clement.
After the 3 Jackson spit us out on Presidio, I started walking up through Laurel Heights. A 2 Clement pulled into the stop as I walked past it, so I got on and sat against the window.
I got out in the middle of Clement and walked to the store, the library, and up past the donut shop.
The shop was empty except for the Alien Donut Man. He sat in the middle of the place, in his usual seat, with his paper bag of donuts and his Styrofoam cup of coffee. As I walked past the window he turned his head slowly and followed me around the corner with his eyes.
He lifted his hand in a small wave. I nodded my head and waved back at him.


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