Monday, July 25, 2011

Bus Report #625

This morning I missed the 38 and then a 38L, so I waited in the early morning mist-that-was-really-more-like-rain. It felt good on my face. The light wind was refreshing, too.
A 38 pulled up and I got on. We booked it down Geary, and got to Fillmore before the 38L that had been behind us.
As we got to the stop I saw a 22 pulling in to the stop a few feet away, so I ran across the street and made the bus just as the driver was about to shut the door.

The bus wasn't very crowded, but it smelled awful, like stale cigarettes and old food. There was a big puddle in the back of the bus, but I couldn't tell what it was.

I sat in a window seat by myself until we got to Church and Market, where a woman with a large, bulging tote bag and her purse sat down beside me. Her purse was a garish polka-dotted number that she kept open on her lap the whole ride, so she could reach in and pull out pieces of a sandwich.
When we got to my stop I signaled that I needed to get out, and she looked at me, and then swung her legs into the aisle.
This left just a few inches for me to slip out, with my purse and my lunch bag. I sighed and the Cor-O-Van guy sitting across the aisle from us caught my eye and shook his head, then rolled his eyes. I smiled and gave him a shrug. What can you do? I thought.
The woman must have caught our exchange because she suddenly hopped up and made some room.
I got out of the bus and went for my coffee.


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