Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bus Report #630

Rode downtown to run some errands the other day. Only empty seat was next to a youngish kid, maybe a college freshman-going-on-sophomore? He stared at me blankly when I asked to sit down. He did not move his stuff, so I had to climb over him.
His friends sat across the way and they spent the whole ride talking about exactly the kind of stuff you'd expect: Anti-materialism (even as they wore sweatshirts with the logo of a California-based chain on them), cigarettes/cigarette ads as phallic symbols, and wacky roommate situations.
I half-expected to hear some of my own college topics of conversation, or the words hegemony, proletariat, or critical social theory.
I caught the tail end of their discussion about fake breasts, and how they felt to the touch.
I looked at the kid sitting next to me and thought, you talk a good game, kid, but I don't believe you.
When I had to get out, I climbed over him again.


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