Friday, August 19, 2011

Bus Report #636

All week the 22 has been a few minutes late in the mornings.
Today when the bus finally arrived I got on and sat in one of the few empty seats, near the back of the bus.
The woman sitting in front of me had all of her stuff on the empty seat beside her. She bit her fingers and her nails the whole ride.
She had a pierced nose and the skin around the nose ring looked red and infected. She smelled like melon-scented bath products and vomit.

A few stops later, a new regular got on the bus. He is a petite man in a black baseball hat, a grey suit jacket, ill-fitting black slacks and bright white tennis shoes. This is his uniform, though he seems to alternate between the grey jacket and a navy one.
He always carries a red plastic bag (with his lunch?) in his left hand, on which he wears a black glove. His right hand is never gloved, just the left.
He seems to travel all the way to Potrero just to use the restroom at the Safeway - at least, I've watched him head that way three times in the past few days - and I wonder what he does the rest of the day. I don't think he works there... Maybe he just likes the facilities?


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