Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bus Report #652

In front of Thee Parkside waiting for the 22 Fillmore.
Two large vans with extra equipment attached to their backs tried to park across the street. It wasn't going to happen but they kept trying.
There were a few of us waiting for the bus, mostly regulars.
A UPS driver I know drove by and waved, and I waved back.
"Friend of yours?" Asked another regular, a woman with a cloud of permed hair framing her face and a large starfish necklace around her neck.
"I've known him for years," I said.
Just then, a woman in a bright orange t-shirt came by, yelling and shouting in our direction but as she was speaking in tongues and making no sense, she was mostly just yelling at herself.
"Oh man," said the woman with the starfish necklace.
The yelling woman stopped walking and waited at the far end of the bus stop.
"Hopefully the driver won't let her on," I said, as the woman continued shouting, cursing, and lunging at passersby.
Of course the driver let her on, didn't even ask for her fare, and she sat in the front of the bus babbling and yelling at everyone. She directed most of her attention at the woman with the starfish necklace, and at a couple seated across from her.
She stumbled out of the bus at Geary.

I waited for the 2 Clement, and after a few minutes starfish necklace woman walked over to wait, too.
"That was quite a ride," I said.
"It's a full moon tonight," she said.


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