Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bus Report #645

Last night after hanging out with J. I looked down the street to see if the 24 was coming.
I hadn't expected it to be arriving, but it was! We said goodnight and he walked home, and I got on the 24 and rode towards Geary.
Two kids in the front of the bus had a box of pizza on the seat next to them.
A very vocal, rumpled looking man kept asking for a slice, but the kids just laughed politely and said nothing.
When I got out at Geary to catch the 38, I could see the lights of the bus approaching from Fillmore Street.
The bus was quiet and fairly empty.
I sat in the back near a man practicing calligraphy (and writing the days of the week in Italian, I think). He put away his markers and took a library book out of his bag. A biography of Sal Mineo.
Ah, dreamy Sal Mineo. He looked at the photos for a while and I realized I hadn't seen Rebel Without A Cause in a long time.
He gathered his books, supplies and a box of groceries and got out at 3rd Ave.


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