Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bus Report #644

The 22 was crowded yesterday, and when we got to Mission Street people had to push their way off of the bus.
My seatmate got up and started down the stairs. They were slippery from the rain, though, and she slipped and fell.
For a moment no one did anything, then someone in the back of the bus said, "Help her up!"
A couple of people helped her up and led her over to the bus shelter to sit down.
She wasn't crying but her face was all scrunched up and you could tell she was in a lot of pain.
People were talking to her outside, and the driver got out and went over to talk to her, too.
Then he got back on the bus and without saying anything to anyone, he took the bus out of service and called in to report the accident.
There was no doubt that he did the right thing by calling it in, but it drives me nuts when the drivers don't make an announcement to the passengers that the bus is going out of service.
For the second time in a week (first time was the Lower Haight fire, my bus just stopped at Church and without any explanation the driver got out and didn't budge, It took someone in the front of the bus to confirm the bus was stopping and to let everyone know) we all had to figure out for ourselves why we weren't moving.
Does anyone know if the drivers are required to make an announcement? Or are we all supposed to have ESP?
I was annoyed, not at my poor seatmate but at the driver.
I crossed the street to wait for a 33 Stanyan, that took fifteen minutes to arrive when NextBus promised a five minute wait.
My commute home sucked, but I couldn't really complain. After all, I wasn't the one who fell down the stairs.


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