Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bus Report #721

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, tired and trying not to think about how little sleep I  got, just back from a quick trip east for Thanksgiving.
After a large mug of tea (and reading a few birthday cards that arrived while I was gone), I was ready to face the day.

Walked out to the bus stop and yawned a good morning to a couple regulars.
There is one elderly woman who always has several tote bags with her. I think she's a teacher, maybe at a Catholic school because she's always reading these small magazines about Jesus, with pictures of saints on the cover. She is petite and polite, and everyone always lets her on the bus first, no matter how many people are waiting.

The bus came and our driver asked each of us how we were doing, as he always does. He is a nice guy and one of these days I will get his name, and thank him. Because someone needs to be friendly and sweet so early in the morning, and it is generally not me.

Twenty minutes later, down on Fillmore, the 22 pulled up and the friendly driver grinned and said good morning. She wore a baseball hat and I noticed that she's got braces. I think they must be a new addition to her pretty smile.
I asked her, "Did you have a nice holiday?" and she said yes, but it was too bad we were back to the daily grind again. I agreed and went to sit down.
There were a few regulars on the bus this morning: The girls from the Christian school, with their matching fleeces and backpacks, the boy in his early teens who always greets this driver with a big smile and a hug, and a mom with her two little kids, the three of them laughing at a shared joke.

I got out at my usual stop and went for coffee. My buddy, the older gentleman, James, was in the cafe and he waved me over while I waited for my drink. I hadn't seen him in awhile, so we caught up a little. My coffee arrived and I said goodbye, shaking his hand and wishing him a good week.

As I crossed the parking lot, the cabbie who always takes his break in front of the bank called out to me.
"You want a free ride to your office?" he asked.
I smiled, said, "That's so generous, but I need the walk... I'm half asleep!" I thanked him and he waved as I walked down 16th Street.

It was the best kind of welcome-back-to-San-Francisco morning I could have had today.


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