Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bus Report #776

The morning after the man had a seizure on our bus, I got on the 22 with the same driver.
There were only a few people on the bus, all regulars. Mr. Taylor, a teenager and her mom, and another teen who is always smiling and seems to have a very sunny disposition for someone who heads off to school so early.
"Yesterday was crazy!" said our driver.
I agreed, said, "yeah, really."
The mom and her teenage daughter asked the driver what happened and she told them the story.
The mom looked back at me and said, "that's terrible."
"I know," I said.
"And no one else called 911 so she had to," said the driver.
Now, all eyes were on me. I must have blushed a little. I'm not used to the attention.
"Thank goodness he was able to walk off the bus, though," I said.
"You've got that right," said the driver.

A couple stops later, Mr. Taylor got up and waved goodbye to the smiley teen, who waved back, to the mom and her daughter, who also waved back, and then to me. I smiled and waved and wished him a good day.
We rolled on.


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