Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bus Report #769

Monday afternoon, crowded 22 Fillmore.
My seatmate, an older man who I recognized from around my neighborhood, waved at dogs walking by on the sidewalk. I caught him waving at a cute French bulldog and I said, "too cute," and he seemed unhappy to have been caught.

The bus driver was awful - she was trying to get ahead of the bus behind her so she'd speed past a stop here, a stop there, but then linger through 4 light cycles at a few of the stops.
One of them was Bryant, where we sat for over five minutes while she let people get on even when she was about to keep moving. Another was Haight, where she was about to keep going but stopped to let two guys carrying an enormous boxy case get in by the back door.
The bus was crowded at this point, but these guys were undeterred. They pushed onto the bus and wedged their huge case (it looked like a folding table or massage table inside a padded case) between the seat where I was sitting and the back door. Effectively, no one could get to or from the back door unless these guys shifted their case all the way over so that it hovered above my head and pressed into my side. Awesome.
So it went that for the rest of my ride, every time the bus stopped the guys had to move their case, so every time the bus stopped I had to press closer to my seatmate and hope for the best.
Finally, at my stop, I stood up and the guys wrestled the case into the aisle, and I got out of there as fast as I could.


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