Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bus Report #766

I had a few different transit options to go meet The Teacher’s Pet down on Fillmore on Saturday. I opted for the 2 Clement – a slow bus for sure, but if I timed it right, it would be fine.
I went to wait for the bus a couple minutes before it was due to arrive. A trio of men puffing on cigarettes walked up and sat down in the bus stop. Thanks, guys. Luckily the bus arrived a moment later and I got on. I sat by the window and settled back for the ride.

A couple of stops later, a woman got on with a fluffy, yippy dog in a blue and white sweater. The dog was all over the place but the woman didn’t do anything about it at first. She sat down across the aisle from me and scooped the dog up and onto the seat beside her, where it continued to jump around a bit, and yip at the woman sitting behind it.
It wasn’t cute.
When they got out the bus the dog sniffed my leg. I did not kick it, even though I really, really wanted to in that moment.

The bus flew down to Fillmore. I got out and walked down the street towards The Grove.
I was about to cross the street when I saw the 22 Fillmore bus roll up parallel to where I was waiting. I looked over and spotted The Teacher’s Pet, sitting in the window. I grinned, waved. She did the same.
The bus was stopped at the light, too. I pumped my arms trying to gesture something along the lines of, “let’s race!” and she nodded.
The light changed and I jogged across the street to the bus stop, catching up with The Teacher’s Pet just as she got off the bus.
I think it was a tie.


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