Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bus Report #780

Early, early in the morning, and cold.
As I trudged up my street I saw my 38 Geary approaching and knew I'd miss it, ah well, there would be another one along soon.
But wait! The driver slowed down and pulled in to my stop, caught my eye from across the street and smiled.
I smiled back, then looked both ways and dashed across Geary. I shouldn't jaywalk but I didn't think Officer Mustache would be around to bust me again, and he wasn't.
I got on the bus and said, "Thanks, I really appreciate it," and the driver nodded and said, "no problem."

Later, the 22 Fillmore pulled in to the stop at 16th and Church and there were about two dozen of the white-and-blue-habited young nuns (apologies if they are called something else) I often see waiting for the J Church there. They were all gathered together, their prayer books open and held up in front of their faces. They sang, or perhaps it was more like chanted prayer, and we watched them while the bus idled at the light. I remembered hearing somewhere that today was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadelupe. That must be why they were there this morning, huddled together in the chilly darkness.


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