Friday, April 18, 2014

Bus Report #807

I stopped off at Orphan Andy's for a quick bite before writing group the other night and then ran to catch the 24 Divisadero bus. There is a lot of street improvement construction on Castro right now and the bus shelter was gone, nothing but a cryptic sign to tell me where to catch the bus.
It read: 50 ft. North of Jane Warner Plaza
I scanned the plaza, just the usual homeless folks, teenagers and a few friends meeting up after work. No sign of a bus stop. Peering around the corner into the street I saw another sawhorse a few feet away with a hastily scrawled "temp bus stop 24 37" on it.

So, with my back to the plaza I stood in the middle of the intersection and waited for the bus.
A mom and her daughter wandered in to the plaza and started asking everyone where the plaza was, and no one seemed able to tell her. "I'm just looking for the bus stop," she said.
"I think I'm in the bus stop," I called over to her, and they joined me a moment later.
Another woman wandered over, looking confused. "You guys waiting for the bus?" she asked.
We were soon joined by another woman, in a summery dress, rummaging through her purse while she said, "This doesn't seem like a good place for a bus stop."

The bus rolled up a few minutes later and we all got on. I slid in to a seat beside the woman in the summery dress. She made a phone call and soon I was treated to her opinion on her friend's daughter and grandbabies taking advantage of her. "If that girl has to use candles tonight, so be it," said the woman in the summery dress. "You do for her all the time, you shouldn't be payin' her PG&E."

Hey, I agreed with her.

I forget sometimes how fast it is to ride the 24 down Divisadero. Soon we pulled in to my stop and I got out, and crossed the street to meet up with my group at Oasis Cafe. 


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