Monday, July 21, 2014

Bus Report #822

Friday morning, pretty man was on the bus again but no amount of wishing brought Mister Fantastic. Maybe he's on vacation.

This morning my 22 Fillmore driver was Lacey's replacement. She had a great new hairdo and I complemented her, we chatted a moment and then I went to sit down.

The ride was easy and uneventful, mostly people sleepwalking to work, and quiet.

At Mission and 16th there was the usual deluge of new passengers. A blonde girl with too much makeup and her boyfriend, in a blue polo shirt and khakis, got on and walked to the back of the bus. A moment later they rushed up front and gestured to the back of the bus, and Lacey's replacement promptly put our bus out of service.

I never found out what was wrong but I don't know that I believe it was anything truly horrible - wouldn't the rest of us have noticed a bad smell, or a crazy person, someone passed out, human waste on seats, or something like that?

A herd of us walked down 16th Street, people peeling off here and there, the blonde and her boyfriend turning down South Van Ness. I wondered why they had even bothered getting on the bus to go 1 block. I thought, just for a moment, that maybe whatever had happened wasn't bad and if they had never gotten on the bus to begin with we might have continued on, without any trouble.

I didn't mind the walk the rest of the way down 16th to work, even though it added extra time to my commute.


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